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Egypt's leader signs constitution into law

Source : Agencies | 26 Dec 2012

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi has signed into law first post-Mubarak constitution he says will help end political turmoil and allow him to focus on fixing the fragile economy.

Anxiety about the deepening economic crisis has gripped Egypt in past weeks, with many people rushing to take out their savings from banks and the government imposing new restrictions to reduce capital flight.

Protests and Polarization in Egypt Ahead of Referendum

Source : Agencies | 12 Dec 2012

Early violence against opposition groups marked the day as Egyptians on both sides of the referendum controversy overtook the streets of Cairo Tuesday.

Tensions ran high after more than a dozen people were injured by masked gunmen who fired bird shot pellets and threw petrol bombs at protestors camping in Tahrir Square.

Mursi’ s supporters warn foes from storming presidential palace

Source : Agencies | 08 Dec 2012

Egyptian president calls for national dialogue meeting

Source : Agencies | 07 Dec 2012

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi invited political groups, judges and others to meet on Saturday for a national dialogue on a political road map after a referendum on a new constitution, which he signalled would go ahead as scheduled on Dec. 15.

In a televised address, Mursi also said he was open to the idea of removing an article in a controversial decree that shielded his decisions from judicial review, saying that could happen if "dialogue led to that".

Egypt Islamists, secularists clash as vote ‘to go ahead’

By Agence France Presse | 06 Dec 2012

Islamist supporters of Egypt’s President Muhammad Mursi chased opposition secularists away from the presidential palace Wednesday, as the vice president said a vote on a controversial charter would go ahead as planned.

Thousands of Islamists rallied to the call of the Muslim Brotherhood, chanting “The people want to cleanse the square” of opposition demonstrators, and “Mursi has legitimacy.”

Egypt protesters encircle presidential palace

By John Davison | AFP | 05 Dec 2012

Tens of thousands of Egyptian demonstrators Tuesday encircled the presidential palace after riot police failed to keep them at bay with tear gas, in a growing crisis over President Muhammad Mursi’s decree widening his powers.

The protesters cut through barbed wire a few hundred metersfrom the palace, prompting police to fire the tear gas before retreating, allowing demonstrators to reach the palace walls, AFP correspondents said.

Egypt’s Mursi calls Dec. 15 referendum on new constitution

Source : Agencies | 03 Dec 2012

‘We’re learning how to be free,’ says Egypt’s Mursi

By AFP | 29 Nov 2012

Kuwait's ruler blocks Islamic law proposal

Source : Agencies | 17 May 2012

Kuwait's ruler has blocked a proposal by 31 of the 50 elected members of parliament to amend the constitution to make all legislation in the Gulf Arab state comply with Islamic law, an MP said on Thursday.

The approval of Kuwait's emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Saba, is needed for any constitutional change.

"His highness the emir is not in favour," said Mohammad al-Dallal, an Islamist MP and legal expert. The proposal was put forward by the Islamic Justice Bloc and signed by 31 lawmakers, he said.

Nepal: Muslims call for constitutional input

Source : IRIN | Kathmandu | 01 May 2012

Sheikh Islam, a local community leader in Mantikar, a tiny mountain village of 1,000 inhabitants in Nepal, stops at the rickety steel wire bridge and with a broad sweep of his arm indicates the expanse of the Kathmandu Valley that unfolds on the outskirts of Nepal's capital city.

"We are Muslim, but we are Nepali as well. We are a growing segment of society and we hope to have our voices heard as political leaders write a new constitution," he told IRIN.

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