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Malaysian king backs court ban on non-Muslims using Allah

Source : Agencies | 19 Jan 2014

Malaysia's king gave his backing on Sunday to a court ruling barring non-Muslims from using the word Allah to refer to God, weighing in for the first time on an issue that has fanned religious tensions in the multi-cultural country.

Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah, whose role as head of state is largely ceremonial, alluded to the issue which has raised questions over minority rights during his birthday speech to the Southeast Asian nation.

Malaysian religious authority says non-Muslims can’t use the word ‘Allah’

By Al Arabiya | 15 Jan 2013

One of Malaysia’s leading religious authorities, PAS Syura Council, decided to ban non-Muslims from using the word “Allah” when describing “God” in their religious publications, a local website reported Monday.

While the word “Allah” was universal and had been used by pre-Islamic Arabs, PAS Syura Council ruled that it could not be translated in non-Muslim publications to denote for the word “God.”

Malaysian sultan forbids using ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims in Malaysia

By RT / 10 Jan 2013

Convert to Islam for using word “Allah”: Malaysian Mufti to Christians

Source : IslamOnline | 03 Jan 2013

A well-known Malaysian Mufti has shown reservations on the usage of word “Allah” by the non-Muslims in Malaysia to refer their gods and asked them to embrace Islam before using “Allah” as this word belongs only to Muslims.

Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria also said that the Christian community in the country is intentionally provoking Muslims by pressing on with their demand to use “Allah” in their holy book.

Exclusively Islamic? Malaysian Christians call for using the word ‘Allah’ in their Bible

By Al Arabiya | 28 Dec 2012

The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, PAS, has responded to a re-ignited debate surrounding the use of the Arabic word for God, ‘’Allah’’, as Christian groups claim the right to use the term in their own religious scripts.

German circumcision ban unites religions

Source : Agencies | 13 Jul 2012

A German court's ban on circumcising baby boys has provoked a rare show of unity between Muslims, Jews and Christians who see it as a threat to religious freedom, while doctors warn it could increase health risks by forcing the practice underground.

European rabbis meeting in Berlin on Thursday promised to defy the ruling by a court in the city of Cologne last month. They plan further talks with Muslim and Christian leaders in Stuttgart next week to see how they can fight the ban together.

Jews, Christians learn Islam

By : OnIslam & Newspapers | Cairo / 17 Oct 2011

Bringing followers of different faiths together, Muslims in the US state of Pennsylvania have invited Jews and Christians to know more about Islam and highlight commonalities between the three religions.

"Abraham had two sons," Lee Phillips, a member of the Zubaida Foundation, told the Philly Burbs local newspaper.

"One line became the Jews and Christians. The other line, the Muslims."

Muslim, Christian graves desecrated in Israeli city

By Douglas Hamilton : Reuters | Tel Aviv/Jaffa / 08 Oct 2011

Dozens of gravestones were desecrated at adjacent Muslim and Christian cemeteries overlooking the sea at Jaffa and a fire-bomb was thrown at a nearby synagogue, Saturday, Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement.

At least five tombs were smashed and some 20 others sprayed with Hebrew graffiti, including "Death to Arabs" and "Price Tag," a slogan used by militant Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank and their supporters.

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