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child mortality

U.N.: More children dying in Afghan violence

Source : The Associated Press | 08 Feb 2014

The number of children killed and wounded in Afghanistan’s war jumped by 34 percent last year as the Taliban stepped up attacks across the country and continued to lay thousands of roadside bombs, the United Nations said Saturday.

Overall civilian casualties were up by 14 percent, reversing 2012’s downward trend and making 2013 one of the deadliest years of the 12-year war for civilians.

US Bombing of Iraq: The Toxic Legacy Continues

Source : Agencies | 15 Oct 2012

A new study links the U.S. bombardment of Iraq to a toxic legacy of birth defects in two of the country's heavily hit cities.

The study published in the Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology looked at the southern city of Basra and the central city of Fallujah and found a staggering rise in miscarriages and birth defects including Anencephaly and Spina Bifida in the years following heavy bombardment of 2003 and 2004.

Deaths of 400 infants send shock waves in Kashmir

Source : Mukhtar Ahmad | Srinagar | 18 May 2012

The death of 400 infants since January this year has sent shock waves through the Himalayan Muslim majority Kashmir Valley already reeling under two decade old separatist violence.

The government admitted to the deaths at the G.B.Pant hospital setting off a social, political and administrative commotion.

Confirming the tally of mortalities in the hospital, the minister for medical education, R.S.Chib ordered a high level enquiry into the causes of the deaths.

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