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Barack Obama

Putin: Unilateral Syria strike would up-end world order

Source : AFP | 12 Sept 2013

Russia issued a stark warning Thursday that unilateral U.S. military action could destroy world order, as the rival great powers discussed a plan to remove Syria's chemical weapons.

In a bid to appeal directly to U.S. voters and policy-makers over the head of President Barack Obama, Kremlin leader President Vladimir Putin penned a commentary in the New York Times.

Obama Boosts Syria Support as Congress Pushes Military Intervention

By Samer Araabi | IPS | 25 Mar 2013

As the Syrian uprising enters its third year, the United States and its allies are preparing to materially increase their support of the armed opposition in Syria.

Secretary of State John Kerry pledged an additional 60 million dollars in direct aid to the rebels, marking the first time Washington will directly supply rebel forces, but the administration appears as wary as ever to get more directly involved.

Obama to discuss Rohingya massacre on Myanmar visit

Source : AFP | 15 Nov 2012

President Barack Obama will discuss the deadly sectarian violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state during his historic visit to the country, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday.

She will accompany Obama next week when he makes the first visit to Myanmar by a sitting US president, during which he will meet both President Thein Sein and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Clinton said unrest between Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists in the western state of Rakhine would “of course” feature in Obama’s talks.

Obama urged to raise the issue of Rohingya Muslims

Source : Agencies | 13 Nov 2012

Flags on fire: Obama win may be good news for Pakistan flag-makers

Source : AFP | 08 Nov 2012

Palestinians hope for state in Obama second term

Source : AFP | 07 Nov 2012

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat on Wednesday said he hoped that US President Barack Obama’s reelection would mean the creation of a Palestinian state in the next four years.

“We hope that a Palestinian state will be implemented in Obama’s next term,” he told AFP, without specifically welcoming Obama’s reelection.

Erakat pointed out that Israel had announced new settlement tenders as Americans were going to the polls on Tuesday, and called on Obama to take swift action to prevent continuing Israeli settlement activity.

Source: US, Israel Have Plan for Joint 'Surgical Strike' Against Iran

Source : Agencies | 11 Oct 2012

Obama has a military option plan against Iran -- a "joint U.S.-Israeli surgical strike," and he should communicate it to diffuse comments from Romney that he has not been tough enough on Iran and has not issued a "red line," according to a report published Monday in Foreign Policy.

U.S. congressman confirms high-level U.S.-Israel spat over Iran

Source : Agencies | 07 Sep 2012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blew up at the U.S. ambassador last month because he was "at wits' end" over what he sees as the Obama administration's lack of clarity on Iran's nuclear program, a U.S. congressman who was at the meeting said.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, a Republican, made his first public comments about the late August meeting in Israel in an interview with Michigan's WJR radio on Tuesday.

With Secret Order, Obama Enters US in Syrian Civil War

Source : Agencies | 03 Aug 2012

US President Barack Obama has signed a secretive order authorizing US financial and military support for Syrian rebel forces, effectively taking sides in what many observers say has become a full blown civil war between the opposition forces such as the Free Syria Army and the ruling government of President Bassar al-Assad and its military.

US Policy in Yemen Short-Sighted and Dangerous, say Experts

By Carey L. Biron | IPS | Washington | 27 Jun 2012

As President Barack Obama’s administration becomes further enmeshed in what many are calling an undeclared war in Yemen, observers here are urging the government to broaden its policy approach to the country beyond counterterrorism.

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