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Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism

By Benedikt Koehler | IslamiCommentary | 01 May 2014

Arabs first made a name for themselves in business; their reputation for religious zeal came later. Arabs earned a reputation as long distance traders and risk investors long before the advent of Islam, and arguably the spread of Islam also was a breakthrough for capitalism and globalization. This is hardly surprising, considering Islam is the only world religion whose founder had a background in business and came from a long line of merchants.

Malaysia a favorite destination of Saudis, says official

Source : Agencies | 03 Oct 2012

The number of Saudi tourists visiting Malaysia, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Islamic world, is increasing each year with their number reaching 87,693 in 2011, Malaysian Consul General Mohammed Khalid Abbasi Abdul Razak said.

“Saudi Arabia is considered as a primary market for our tourism,” the consul general said addressing a reception marking 55th anniversary of Malaysia’s National Day.

Mursi urges US to change policy toward Arabs

Source : Agencies | 25 Sep 2012

Egypt President Muhammad Mursi has urged the US to change its approach to the Arab world to be able to repair relations and revitalize an alliance with Egypt.

In a media interview ahead of his visit to New York to take part in a meeting of the UN General Assembly, he said the US should not expect Egypt to live by its rules as the West, underscoring a cultural divide between the two nations.

Sum of all fears: Arabs read an average of 6 pages a year, study reveals

Source : Al Arabiya | 16 Jul 2012

There are some readers for whom obtaining a first edition copy of their favorite book or author is of great import and this is evidenced by people standing in long lines to get their hands on new books. While this may be a common site in the West, many believe this is not the case in the Arab world.

There is a common perception too about the number of Arabs that frequent libraries. That number mirrors the nature of a reading culture and can be used to evaluate reading habits among its generations.

Secret Paper Reveals EU Broadside Over Plight of Israel's Arabs

by Donald McIntyre : The Independent/UK / 27 Dec 2011

A growing gulf between Israel's Jewish and Arab communities is highlighted in a critical EU paper which breaks new ground by suggesting that the international community has a role in ensuring "genuinely equal treatment" for the country's Arab minority.

Arab Dagestanis - direct descendants of the Prophet Muhammad

By Hajimurad Radjabov : Assalam | Makhachkala | 2011

Beloved Prophet (PBUH) is the best among people. Islamic history researchers and researchers of Prophet’s genealogy (PBUH) are unanimous that Prophet Muhammad’s family (PBUH) has its roots in the family of Prophet Ismail (PBUH), who is the son of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH). Hereby is Muhammad (PBUH) an adherent of Ibrahim’s religion (PBUH), a descendant of Ismail (PBUH), an Arab from pure and noble tribe of Quraysh, Hashimite clan.

Arabs – the founders of geography

Source : Islam Magazine | Makhachkala | 2005

In the Middle Ages Arab geographers were the most versed in the knowledge of paths, roads and routes.
The interest to the observations of natural phenomena was an intrinsic characteristic of Arabs from the very beginning. They determined routes on land and at sea with the help of stars. Some pieces of knowledge in astronomy helped them to determine the weather, time of sowing, etc. This knowledge had been passing on from one generation to another.

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