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Ali Polosin

Conveying the meaning of the Holy Quran in another language

Religious texts - problems of translation
By Ali Viacheslav Polosin | Assalam | 12 Apr 2012

Is Zoroastrianism Russia’s New Ideology?

Islam Has Only One God

By Ali Vyacheslav Polosin | Moscow | 15 Oct 2011

Today there is much debate about the ideology of the future Russia. In addition to the traditional opponents – the Westerners and the Slavophiles, the Russian political stage has been joined by Islam, rising throughout the world. Kremlin officials and oligarchs, dubbed ‘democracy representatives’ by Russians, found no model idol on the presidential order and engaged in the creation of an enemy.

Invite to Islam and let your words work - Interview with Ali Polosin.

Polosin Ali Vyacheslav is an eminent representative of the Muslim community in Russia.

Rothschilds against Arab Rulers - Causes and Mechanism of Arab Revolutions

By: Ali Vyacheslav Polosin
Source : IslamDag.info | 23 Jul 2011

Muammar Gaddafi’s military success in Libya against the combined forces of NATO and the rebels' outright inefficiency suggest that the scriptwriters and stage directors of the rebellion are somewhere outside the country, and there are rather few ‘ardent revolutionaries’ and executives in Libya. The riot, co-ordinated via the Internet, has not developed into a revolution – either in a color one, or in any other in this country.

Secular State and Islamic Tradition in Russia

The state has neutral policy concerning the matters of citizens' attitude towards religion.

The Stalin’s law on cults was abrogated in 1990, and new law “On religious freedom” was enacted by Soviet Supreme Council of the Russian Federation. Muslims of Russia as well as followers of other religions enjoyed more freedom to run activities that they could never have in Russia. Well, tell me in which Islamic country can Muslims as freely as in Russia follow any madhab, any group in Islam, any ‘alim and preach freely anything they want?

Polosin Ali Vyacheslav - My journey to Islam.

Polosin Ali Vyacheslav Sergeyevich - How I came to Islam?

In the name of God, the holder of the eternal and endless mercy!

I grew up in an atheist family but from early childhood believed in mysterious and omnipotent God who would not refuse the ones who turned to Him. During some difficult situations of my youth when my own strength was not sufficient I used to turn in my heart to God for assistance, and the situation turned the better way.

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