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Ali Abdullah Saleh

Yemeni president restructures army, eliminates Saleh cronies

Source : Agencies | 20 Dec 2012

Yemeni President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi announced on Wednesday the restructuring of the army and defense ministry, purging them of relatives and cronies of former head of state Ali Abdullah Saleh, AFP reported state television as saying.

Hadi took a series of decisions, including one scrapping the elite Republican Guard which was under the command of Saleh’s oldest son Ahmed, the state broadcaster said.

Saleh formally steps down; may seek refuge in Ethiopia

By Agencies | Sanaa | 27 Apr 2012

Aides to Ali Abdullah Saleh said that the ousted Yemeni president plans to go into exile in Ethiopia, as pressures mounted on him to depart the country for fear of sparking a new cycle of violence. Saleh stepped down yesterday after 33 years at the helm.

New Yemen president sworn in to replace Saleh

Source : Reuters | Sanaa | 23 Feb 2012

Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi took the constitutional oath to become Yemen's new president on Saturday, formally removing Ali Abdullah Saleh from power after a year of protests that paralysed the impoverished Arabian Peninsular country.

Hadi, who stood as the sole candidate to replace Saleh in a power transfer deal brokered by Gulf neighbours and backed by Western powers, was voted in after more than 60 percent of eligible voters had taken part in an election this week.

Yemenis vote for VP to end Saleh era

Source : Reuters | Sanaa | 21 Feb 2012

Yemen sought to turn a new page in its troubled history on Tuesday with the sole candidate to succeed ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh looking for a strong mandate from voters to rebuild a country pushed to the brink of civil war.

Although Vice President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi was standing uncontested as a consensus candidate, the election was billed as an attempt to help Yemen make a fresh start after deposing a president who ruled Yemen with an iron fist for 33 years.

Thousands protest against Yemen president immunity

Source : AFP | Sanaa | 22 Jan 2012

Yemen’s parliament has adopted a law giving Saleh "complete" immunity from prosecution in return for stepping down under a Gulf-brokered transition deal.

"It is our duty... to execute the butcher," chanted angry protesters gathered in Sanaa’s Change Square, the epicentre of the democracy movement that has been calling for Saleh’s ouster since January last year.

Yemen’s parliament on Saturday adopted a law giving Saleh "complete" immunity from prosecution in return for stepping down under a Gulf-brokered transition deal.

Saleh has reneged on promises: Clinton

By Ahmed Al-Haj | AP | Sanaa | 18 Jan 2012

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the US regrets that Yemen’s president has not complied with agreements to leave the country and allow elections for a successor.

Her Tuesday comments came as Yemen’s foreign minister suggested next month’s presidential vote could be delayed because of security concerns.

Yemen Cabinet Approves Immunity Law for Saleh

Source : Al Jazeera | Sanaa | 09 Jan 2012

Yemen's interim government has agreed to grant President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and anyone who has worked under him, amnesty against prosecution, paving the way for his departure in line with a Gulf plan to end deadly protests against his rule.

Sunday's decision came as a surprise to many in Yemen, who believed that a power transfer deal he signed in November granted him and his family immunity from prosecution for the killings of protesters, but would not extend to cover his 33-year rule and anyone who worked in government.

Saleh vows to leave, troops kill 9 protesters

By Mohammed Ghobari | Reuters | Sanaa | 25 Dec 2011

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Saturday he would leave for the United States and give way to a successor, hours after his forces killed nine people demanding he be tried for killings over nearly a year of protests aimed at his ouster.

But Saleh, who agreed to step down last month under a deal cut by his wealthier neighbors who fear civil war in Yemen will affect them, did not say when he would depart and vowed to play a political role again, this time opposed to a new government.

Yemen’s Saleh was slippery master of maneuvering

By AP : Cairo / 24 Nov 2011

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who agreed Wednesday to step down after a ferocious uprising against him, was perhaps the slipperiest leader in the Middle East.

When the top commander of American forces in the Middle East dropped by in 2010 to discuss Yemen’s U.S.-backed campaign against al-Qaeda, Saleh happily promised to keep lying to his people and say that Yemeni aircraft - not American - were carrying out controversial strikes against Islamic militants hiding in the mountains.

Heavy fighting in Yemen after UN resolution

By Mohammed Sudam | Reuters | Sanaa | 22 Oct 2011

Yemeni government forces and opponents clashed in the capital Sanaa on Saturday, a day after the UN Security Council urged President Ali Abdullah Saleh to sign a deal requiring him to step down in exchange for immunity.

Yemen said on Saturday it was ready to “deal positively” with the UN resolution, which also condemned the Yemeni government’s crackdown on protesters demanding that Saleh end his 33 years in office.

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