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‘Pause to Pray:’ Iran bans flights during call to Islamic prayer

By Reuters | 27 Dec 2012

Iran's parliament has banned on airplanes from flying in the country during the Azan call to Islamic prayer, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported on Wednesday.

"According to the new directive, airplanes are banned from flying during Azan, especially during the call to morning prayers," Mehr quoted the spokesman for parliament's cultural committee Ali Taheri as saying.

Saudia to ferry 800,000 Hajis

By P.K. Abdul Ghafour | 17 Sep 2012

Saudi Arabian Airlines will transport more than 800,000 Haj pilgrims from 102 stations around the world this year, said Abdul Aziz Al-Hazmi, the airline’s deputy director general, yesterday.

Speaking to reporters after presiding over a meeting of the Council of Airline Companies, he said the council would work on facilitating the arrival and departure of pilgrims.

According to Haj Minister Bandar Hajjar, more than 1.8 million foreign pilgrims are expected to perform Haj this year. Some one million domestic pilgrims will join them.

Palestinian Airlines resumes flights after seven years

Source : Al Arabiya | 28 May 2012

Palestinian Airlines is back in the skies after being grounded for seven years by the deepening enmities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Once hailed as a symbol of Palestinian statehood dreams, the carrier is a tiny operation, with just two 48-seat turboprop planes, two weekly flights and a borrowed hub in Egypt.

But Palestinians say just being on the map again is what matters.

US airline apologises for removing hijab-wearing woman from flight

Source : Islam Today
California : 20 Mar 2011

On Wednesday, a Muslim woman was removed from a Southwest flight after a crew member thought they had overheard the passenger say something vaguely threatening over her cell phone.

Before the plane took off from San Diego en route to San Jose, California, the crew member thought they heard the headscarf- wearing passenger say something like "It's a go" to someone over her mobile phone. This was apparently enough to make them see the woman a terror suspect.

Most of British Airways in-flight meals could soon be halal, says caterer GateGourmet

Source : Chris Brooke | dailymail.co.uk
13 Sep 2010

The company behind airline food on some of the world's major airlines has announced plans to make the majority of its meals halal.

GateGourmet, which caters for all long-haul British Airways flights from Heathrow, wants to standardise production to drive down costs and boost profits.

The caterer has been tempted into the switch by lucrative business available from Middle Eastern and Asian airlines.

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