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Where Does Future of Jammu and Kashmir Lie?

By Abdullah al-Ahsan | ISTAC | 28 Oct 2013

Kashmir has not only suffered from Indian democracy, it has also suffered from American democracy. (Reuters)

On his way back to Islamabad after meeting President Obama in Washington, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has renewed his call for US mediation between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. Earlier, just days before the scheduled meeting between them, Sharif had made similar call which had met with colossal opposition from India.

Tourists flock to Pakistan Kashmir valley in rare boom

Source : AFP | 20 Jul 2013

Success stories can be rare in Pakistan, but business is booming in one Kashmir tourist spot as the region rebuilds after a devastating earthquake and shrugs off associations with violence.

Hundreds of thousands of Pakistani tourists drawn to the lakes and glaciers of the Neelum valley are injecting desperately needed money into one of the poorest parts of the country.

UN: US Drone Strikes Violate Pakistan's Sovereignty

By Andrea Germanos | Agencies | 16 Mar 2013

Pakistan has condemned justifications given by U.S. officials for its drone strikes, which are "a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty" and have killed hundreds of civilians, the head of a United Nations team probing U.S. drone attacks stated Friday.

Threats of 'Revolution' in Pakistan as Popular Outrage Grows

By Jon Queally | Agencies | 16 Jan 2013

Pakistan's internal political atmosphere was tense Tuesday as tens of thousands gathered outside Parliament in the capital city of Islamabad to join a popular protest against corruption in government, calling for 'revolution' if their demands for a peaceful transition of power were not followed.

U.S. drone strikes go down in Pakistan, up in Yemen

By AFP | 28 Dec 2012

U.S. drone strikes against Islamist militants decreased in Pakistan’s tribal regions for the second year in a row but intensified in Yemen, according to figures compiled by a Washington think tank.

In Pakistan, 46 strikes were carried out in 2012, compared to 72 in 2011 and 122 in 2010, the New America Foundation said, based on its compilation of reports in international media.

Ankara summit: ‘Trilateral trade council’ launched

Source : The Express Tribune | 13 Dec 2012

In an effort to promote trade an economic cooperation, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey on Wednesday set up ‘trilateral trade council’ at a summit meeting among the presidents of the three countries. 

Taliban 'could govern parts of Afghanistan' under new peace deal

By and Ben Farmer | The Telegraph | 11 Dec 2012

The blueprint, obtained by the McClatchy news agency and confirmed by a source close to the talks, would also see Islamabad take over Washington's role in co-ordinating talks between insurgents and the government in Kabul.

Pakistan's Endgame in Afghanistan?

By Aparna Pande | HuffPost | 05 Dec 2012

As preparations for the American draw down from Afghanistan get underway, there appears to be another game in town: played by Pakistan's leaders, strategists and for lack of a better word, sympathizers. The argument put forth is this: all problems would be solved if only India would stop playing a role in Afghanistan and if the world, especially the U.S., understood (read 'supported') Pakistan's interests in Afghanistan. In itself this sounds simple, however, in reality it is not.

Flags on fire: Obama win may be good news for Pakistan flag-makers

Source : AFP | 08 Nov 2012

At Least 16 Dead Following Latest US Drone Attack in Pakistan

Source : Agencies | 12 Oct 2012

In the second attack in as many days, a suspected US drone has killed up to 16 people and wounded 6 more in northwest Pakistan, according to CNN International.

The attack occurred in the Orakzai region near the Afghan border, an area repeatedly targeted by the US military. Though the Obama administration and CIA refuse to verify individual cross-border strikes by the unmanned drones, the ongoing program is well known.

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