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American Muslims

Organic Halal Meats Get Muslims Thinking about what it Really Means to eat Religiously

By : Carol Kuruvilla | Huffington Post | 10 Oct 2014

The Prophet Muhammad advised his followers to treat animals with kindness and, if needed, kill them mercifully for food. And he didn’t mince words.

“Whoever kills a sparrow or anything bigger than that without a just cause, Allah will hold him accountable on the Day of Judgment,” the Prophet reportedly said.

Remembering these instructions, New York farmer Zaid Kurdieh says much of the meat that brands itself as halal, or religiously permissible, is nothing but a sham.

For Kurdieh, if it’s not organic, it’s not halal.

New York pupils could get Muslim school holidays

Source : AFP | 18 Oct 2013

‘Jihad Obsession’ Upsets US Muslims

Source : OnIslam | 25 Mar 2013

American Muslims see the new advertisements linking Jihad to violence and terrorism by Islamophobic blogger Pamela Geller reflecting her obsession with Islam and the sizable minority.

“What I’m troubled by is Miss Geller’s obsession and fascination with Islam and with American Muslims,” Linda Sarcour, a spokesperson for the National Network for Arab American Communities, told CNN in an interview.

Championed by Geller, new ads linking Jihad to violence and terrorism appeared on buses in San Francisco earlier this month.

US School Accommodates Muslim Prayers

Source : OnIslam | 30 Jan 2013

US Muslims launch ad campaign to reclaim jihad from extremists

Source : MiddleEastOnline | 18 Dec 2012

US Muslims launched an advertising and social media campaign Friday in the hopes of reclaiming the word jihad from extremists who insist on equating the spiritual quest with terrorism.

The campaign features Muslims describing their personal struggles -- the meaning of jihad -- on bus ads, Twitter, Facebook and a dedicated website: myjihad.org.

"#MyJihad is to build friendships across the aisle," says one ad showing an African American man leaning on the shoulder of a Jewish friend.

Americans Lead World’s Influential Muslims

Source : OnIslam | 30 Nov 2012

DC historians dig up details of America’s earliest Muslims

By Julienne Gage | 24 Nov 2012

For most Muslims, what happens to the body of a deceased person is not quite as important as what happens to that person’s soul. Still, historians of all backgrounds are scrambling to locate the body and belongings of a Muslim buried in Washington, DC nearly 200 years ago, for it touches the soul of early American history.

U.S targets Muslims for expressing political views

Source : Agencies | 18 Sep 2012

U.S Justice Department continues to criminalize what is clearly protected political speech by prosecuting numerous Muslims for disseminating political views the government dislikes or considers threatening.

The latest episode emerged on Friday, when the FBI announced the arrest and indictment of Jubair Ahmad, a 24-year-old Pakistani legal resident living in Virginia, charged with “providing material support” to a designated Terrorist organization (Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LeT)).

Secret NYPD Unit Spying on Muslims Proves Useless, Unfounded

Source : Agencies | 23 Aug 2012

After more than six years of secretly spying on Muslim American communities across the eastern United States, the NYPD admitted that their highly criticized actions have not produced a single lead, terrorism investigation, or charge, in a court disposition released Monday.

US mosques unite for Syria ‘day of solidarity’

Source : AFP | Virginia 11 Aug 2012

Mosques and Islamic centers across the United States came together Friday to condemn Syria’s brutal crackdown on dissent and raise funds for civilians trapped in the conflict.

With the holy month of Ramadan heading toward its final week, imams used Friday prayers to denounce Syrian President Bashar Assad as a tyrant and to encourage American Muslims to speak out against ongoing atrocities.

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