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By Benedikt Koehler | IslamiCommentary | 01 May 2014

Arabs first made a name for themselves in business; their reputation for religious zeal came later. Arabs earned a reputation as long distance traders and risk investors long before the advent of Islam, and arguably the spread of Islam also was a breakthrough for capitalism and globalization. This is hardly surprising, considering Islam is the only world religion whose founder had a background in business and came from a long line of merchants.

Source : İsmail Duman | World Bulletin
Wednesday : 29 Dec 2010

In the previous analysis, we tried to focus on suspicions and questions about the releasing Wikileaks cables. And then, we looked at the Turkey’s position in these leaks up to some extend. Although we examine how US diplomats or the other diplomats evaluate Turkey, Turkey’s AKP, and its leaders, we couldn’t look at the viewpoints of Turkish leaders about their neighboring countries or any other political issue.

By Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

1. How much is 4 trillion dollars? Star Business picking a report from foreign source says it is the value of Germany's total output for one year.

2. I try to imagine the figure 4 trillion and wrote it down. It is 4,000,000,000,000. It is a lot, a great lot of money. But it is just the amount of dollars traded by the currency traders in just one day.

3. Yes, the currency traders are still at it, worldwide financial crisis notwithstanding.

Salma Al-Farouki simply oozes class when she walks into the Arab News offices for our interview. Wearing a simple turban and purple dress combination, finished off with pearl earrings and eye kohl, she emanates warmth, intelligence and wisdom.

Al-Farouki is also the wife of Roger Garaudy, the French philosopher well loved in the Islamic world and very much the pariah in the West thanks to certain controversies with his 1996 book, “The Founding Myths of Israel,” which was accused of containing elements of Holocaust denial.

By Shabana Syed | Arab News

In America the terrorist threat posed by radical Islam has been exaggerated, according to a study by researchers at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

In Europe, less than 300 acts of terrorism were registered in 2009, only one was an attack from an Islamist group, according to figures released by the EU’s police agency Europol.

The Constitutional Referendum and New Dynamics of Turkish Politics
by Ibrahim Kalin

On September 12, 2010, exactly thirty years after the 1980 military coup, Turkish voters went to the polls to vote on the largest constitutional amendment since the current constitution was adopted in 1982.

Biography of Shaykh Said-Afandi al-Chirkawi ad-Daghestani

Prominent ustaz, murshid of Shazily and Naqshbandi tariqahs, honourable Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi was born in 1937 in the Daghestani village of Chirkey in the family of 'Abdu Rahman.

What Quran said about him?

Say: He is Allah, the One! • Allah, the eternally Besought of all! • He begets not nor was begotten. • And there is none comparable unto Him. [Surah Al-Ikhlas (Chapter of Sincerity), Verses 1-4]

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